These pieces follow the story of the Bolhanseck´s and their endless journeys, which began in 1998 and is still ongoing.

What is shown here is the nomad life of Aloisius and Leoparda Bolhanseck. An the eternal journey of a couple who do not know who they are or where their place is. Slaves of their own past, symbolised by the suitcases they drag everywhere, the characters represents, through irony and humour, the feeling of guilt inherited from Western Christian culture, so deeply embedded in the high economic and cultural levels of society.

Soft Book of Men is a new approach to Paula´s constant concern for expressing the imperfections, incongruities, desires and enigmas of the human condition.

At the center of this new proposal is the silhouette of a little man, a kind of synthesis or symbol, sometimes ironic, sometimes stark and disconcerting, of the human insignificance and the darkest folds of the soul. The little man travels through guilt, vanity, power, fear, violence, sex, failure, sadness, loneliness, love and death like so many psychoanalysis stages that reveal his disorientation. His presence is always disturbing, and on each page there is an enigma, an unresolved scene that questions the viewer.

Art Work based on three of her recurrent themes, shoes, bones and factories.

I have no real explanation for the fascination I feel for these three subjects. The attraction is almost as strong as the one I have for the representation of the human body. I guess I found beauty and elegance in all of them. I guess..