Paula Sanz Caballero, is an artist and a fashion illustrator whose work elegantly combines the immediacy and sophistication of illustration and design with the high-quality results that come from her technique and careful layout. Her unique style, using fabric swatches, both in the hand-sewn pictures and in her most recent ink and pencil collages, has earned a name in the world of illustration, and her list of clients includes fashion magazines, publishing companies, shopping centers and other international firms.
Always true to her figurative, detail-oriented style, Sanz Caballero´s images of high-society figures in elegant, sophisticated surroundings are loaded with irony, dark humor and unsettling details that hint at deeper meanings below the polished surface.

Her illustrations have been used in advertising and publishing campaigns across the globe for prestigious firms such as Neiman Marcus, Chie Mihara and Harper Collins. And her work also appears regularly in international fashion and design magazines like Vogue, WWD and The New Yorker.

But her work as an illustrator has by no means eclipsed her career as an artist: on the contrary, she sees the two aspects as complementary, and often exhibits her original pieces in art galleries in Europe and the United States.